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Event Management by Daily Multimedia Ltd.

Pranam Bapu

Optimus Property Expo

Pranam Bapu, An initative which incepted with bringing back Bapu's Memorabilia to India after 60+ years. This Movement entails exhibition of all his valuable memorabilia in PAN India moment through exploring & expressing the ideologies of our only Father of Nation.

Optimus Expo, a property exhibition focusing on Real Estate giants who offer reasonable properties made with keeping middle class people in mind. The expo will be showcasing properties across Mumbai, Goa & Gujarat.

Redesigning India



Redesigning India!!! A forum where responsible eminent personalities from the administrative and political world have the direct interaction with the intellectual visionary achievers of entertainment and sports sector to talk on the issues which are not talked much but holds the a major significance in building India. This event happens after every 5 months. . This event is to create interest among the youth. Also to create the social and political awareness in the society. To make understand in Informative & educative means towards politics to bring revolutionary step. These workshops are conducted by responsible people from media and journalism.

Democracy… an initiative is a series of workshop conducted by Daily Multimedia Ltd. and is a part of ‘Redesigning India…an initiative’. Democracy is a series of workshops which is taken with the college students. The management guru Prof. Fauzia Arshi and the youth mentor Mr. Santosh Bhartiya are the honorable speakers for this workshop. It’s an activity which covers almost all the colleges in India. The aim of conducting ‘Democracy’ is to invite youth in Redesigning India by their participation in the thought process and execution for a better nation. It’s an interesting interaction between the students and the conductors.

An Initiative by DML to encourage local & Regional Sport enthusiasts to recognize the potential talent by providing them the said platform.